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If soap operas and the media are to be believed, then everyone is getting their leg over everywhere.. all the time. In fact, do you know where your partner is right now? Here are 10 facts about cheating, you may not have known.

1.) Cheating is not as common as you might think. 1 in 5 men have strayed at least once during their married lives, and that figure drops to half in women.
2.) Men are better at spotting cheating spouses with 50% finding out, whereas only 30% of women can identify a rat.
3.) Are you sure you want to confess? Affairs are the biggest cause for divorce.
4.) Those who divorce rarely marry the person they are having the affair with. For example, Dr. Jan Halper’s study of successful men (executives, entrepreneurs, professionals) found that only 3 percent of the 4,100 successful men surveyed eventually married their lovers. Maybe they should have read their love horoscopes
5.) Frank Pittman says there are four types of infidelity: accidental infidelity, the romantic affair, the marital arrangement, and the philanderer.
6.) 31% of people have had an online conversation that has led to real-time sex.
7.) 2 out of 3 women and 3 out of 4 men admit they think about makin’ bacon with co-workers.
8.) Although flirting doesn’t necessarily lead to horizontal hula, 86% of men and 81% of women admit they routinely flirt with the opposite sex.
9.) 2 to 3% of all children are the product of an affair. And most of these children are unknowingly raised by men who are not their biological fathers. Remember, no love without the glove…
10.) 75% of the cases of sudden death during sexual activity involved … extra-marital sexual intercourse.


  1. I just know I could blag point 5 to my Mrs- accidental infidelity – it was an accident, sorry..

  2. Didn’t know cheating was so likely to kill you! And not in the Fatal Attraction way either! (#10)

  3. Cheating is a Sin and that is good enough for me.


  4. Point 7 I am a married man and I have often fantasised about sex with one of my co-workers. My wife works about 50 feet away from me in the same office. :-)

  5. What does point #6 have to do with infidelity? I bet most of those folks are unmarried.

  6. #10 is a little sick…think old balls.

  7. Whats your source? Especially for number 10.

  8. I’m pretty sure EVERYONE at some point in time fantasizes about “giving it” to someone else, and I see no problem with that what so ever. It’s acting on your impulses that lands you in trouble. Besides Nick, where did yo u get your information from in the first place…because to me it seems like you pulled it right out of your ass. You do not cite a single source, and can almost guarantee you did not take it upon yourself to do research personally…if you get my drift. It must be nice to have Google and Spell check to do all of you work for you. I need to be a Journalist.

  9. I hope those stats are right… I’ve been given new hope if it is only 20% of men who cheat when they are married. I thought it was nearer 50-60%. (as per my dating life!)

  10. Exactly how is sudden death defined in #10? Does acute lead poisoning count?

  11. This sounds like BS to me, where are the references?

  12. Jim doesn’t like to sin. What a great guy! I think I’ll take him straight to heaven during the Rapture.

  13. In my opinion, cheating is always a mistake. When you are in a relationship where you trust each other, it matters more and leads to divorce.

  14. accidental infidelity ?
    Are you serious? Let me explain how stupid this is…

    If I goto a party, then put myself or let myself fall into a situation where someone is flirting with me and I allow it to happen then I become infatuated with them and act, it is not accidental. Being drunk is no excuse, you have to make the conscious decision to drink that much. Just like you made the conscious decision to let someone flirt with you, when you are already committed.

    Weather you want to or not, you have no choice but to make a conscious decision about what you do or allowed to be done to you. It takes 2 people to have sex, it takes a man to pull out his penis and a woman to bare her vagina. It takes a minimum of 2 conscious decisions from each party to complete a act that would be considered “cheating.”
    You cant accidentally make a decision…

  15. When sites like this one dole out information on how to not get caught cheating then you know that cheating is on the increase. http://www.doccool.com This is disgusting.

  16. I don’t get the stat saying 20% of men cheat but only 10% of women? So are those women just super-ho’s or are the men only getting it on w/ single women? I really don’t believe that stat is accurate. Being in the mid-30′s in seeing what I have seen in the dating world, I would say far more women than men cheat, well at least in the dating side of life. Maybe it changes in marriage, but I have a hard time seeing it swing that much.

  17. Jim Jones , there is no such think as sin you narrow minded prick.

  18. Thank you for the comments. The reference for number 10 is the BBC, Affairs are Bad for your Health

  19. @seth underworld: Um… well if you’re religious (which I am not) then there a few sins very clearly laid out for you in black and white. Everything is relative… you prick.

  20. Does it really matter?

    From birth, conception or wherever in-between you feel life begins, I have been pre-programmed to gravitate toward attractive people of the opposit sex. It’s hard wired into our makeup, natural selection or “intelligent design”, whatever you call it there is no denying it is more than just a social behavior.

    I guess to me, what’s important is whether or not you act on that. I can’t think of a single day in my life some fleeting fantasy about some cute waitress, coworker, stranger in the mall, etc. hasn’t ran through my mind. It just happens. Maybe I’m a perv, but I doubt it. I’m just a guy who has this uncontrollable urge, much like hunger, and there’s really only one way to satisfy it. Either do without, or have the wife find out and do without anyways. Better to just do without and not have the wife leave.

    Then again, never really contemplated HER being the one… Hmmm

    I don’t like thinking about that!

  21. Number 2 is misleading, as when men cheat they generally don’t want their wife or girlfriend to find out, and so go to greater lengths to hide it. Men don’t cheat because they aren’t getting enough attention or respect, they cheat just for the sex with someone different.

    Women on the other hand tend to cheat more as revenge, whether it’s the guy tuning out in the relationship or being a creep, and so him finding out is a key part of the whole “F you” motivation.

  22. It didnt say in wich country is the resarch taken, (probably in US), I know that Europ charts are that every married women cheats her spuse at least ONE time in her life, while with men it is not the case. Mostly is becouse as the men age their libido drops, while with women is other way around, so its almost a certain thing for women its just a matter of time.

    Oh and also you might add that 80% percent of sexual diseases are not fatal and that they are carried by the oposite sex and cannot affect the sex that is carrying them!

  23. If you are guy, is sleeping with a man cheating?

    I am bisexual, therefore I need the touch of my woman (my wife) and my man (my best friend). My wife knows about it and does not care.

    Come on, holier-than-thou’s, start throwing rocks at me!

  24. Never trust a woman, they always stray sooner or later. Thats there nature

  25. Re: Me the Bixsexual

    There is such a thing as an open relationship, where ether partner is allowed to sleep with other people, conditions permitting. (Safe sex, known people, not a lot of them, whatever works for your relationship.)

    In your case, if your girl is okay with you sleeping with guys, and you would be okay with her sleeping with other girls, then what you have is an open relationship and therefore you’re not cheating.

    If she didn’t know about the guy, say you were boinking in the office after work or something, then yes, you’re cheating. Sex is sex is sex. It’s about trust, respect, and scary numbers like 60% of hetero couples who contract STDS get them through secret gay love affairs. (I made that number up, but it’s up there somewhere around there)

  26. Cheating sucks! But I think that dissatisfaction in relationship can be cause more than attraction of somebody else.

  27. there is no excuse for accidental infidelity your absolutly right

  28. I dream about having sex with my co-workers all the time. The only problem with that is I am a Shepherd!

  29. Dunno but how about you and I start an online conversation?

    Sorry, I couldn’t resist :-)

  30. Fascinating.

  31. No 10 happens to old guys with ED who take Man Enchancing Pills and doesn’t realize that they have heart problems.

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