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We shall fight them on the speed cameras…

You have to hand it to the German privacy laws, they provide some of the greatest get-out clauses we at The Daily Dust have ever seen. Take this one, in regards to speeding tickets. To get one in Germany the police need (a) your licence plate and (b) to clearly identify you as the driver.

Catch is, they’re not allowed to identify the passengers. So, thinks one plucky Brit, what happens if their delightful automatic privacy screens will mask the passenger in the left hand seat. Which is where I, in my british designed left hand drive car, am sitting. Bingo, no proof it was me driving!

Which would be cheeky enough, but then to really make his (or her) point, he decided to put a life size Animal from the Muppet Show into the seat, just for the camera. Raaaa-raaaa-raaaaa,” as the drummer from Dr Teeth and the Electric Mayhem would say.

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