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MP Sent 1984 as ID Cards Rubbished and Addresses to be made secret.

A little bit of serendipity… Harvey Mattinson is a former Consultant at GCHQ, the Government’s central ‘electronic surveillance’ location) and has said that Ministers claims that the ID card and National Database would enhance national security are rubbish. All they will be good for is Government Departments sharing information between themselves, on issues such as tax, unemployment, benefits and immigration.

Meanwhile, Labour MP Tom Harris (Glasgow South) receives a surprise package in the post – someone has sent him (via Amazon) a copy of George Orwell’s 1984, inscribed with the words Young man, This is a reminder that this book, contrary to what your leader might think, is not an instruction manual, but a warning. Remember - we are your masters..

Harris’ reply on his blog is worth reading… “While the strange person who sent me my book and others like him might claim that everyone in the UK is utterly consumed with fury over a perceived decline in civil liberties in this country, the facts are that we still enjoy a level of freedom that maintains our position as one of the great democracies of the world.” I’m sure once you remove emotive words from the debate (like ‘terrorism’ ‘extremists’ and ‘you have the right to life’), and explaining what the ID card and the Database involve, more people would understand this dangerous, expensive, and ineffective issue.

After all, if you slowly bring water to the boil, the frogs don’t try to jump out until it’s too late.

I suppose the next thing that will happen is that we’ll be banned from sending our MP’s any sort of literature, even though we vote them into power to represent us. Hmmm… (BBC News: MP’s Addresses To Remain Secret).


  1. Well said Ewan. Very surprised at Tom Harris’ blog post, I think he is a decent man who really can’t see what his party is doing to the country. If he thinks the 1984 gift is a lone protest, he is seriously misguided.

    As for his mentioning a “perceived decline in civil liberties”, what is ‘perceived’ about an ACTUAL destruction of our liberties?

    I blame the Government … oh, hold on ;-)

  2. Maybe I’ll bump into him on November 5th


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