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The Boys start attacking via code.

Popular BBC ‘Factual’ Show Top Gear is drawing the rage of middle England again, by leaving hidden messages inside the show’s popular ‘Power Lap.’ In previous years, their tame racing driver The Stig has had a wide range of in car music, but he’s now taken to picking up morse code.

Keen eared viewers picked it up in the first episode of the new season, with the message “Strictly Come Dancing is crap” broadcast to the nation, and following this up with the promise of further messages throughout the season.

This week we had “I voted Ross Perot” as Clarkson, Hammond and May visited America, and the obscure “Me Smells Cats.”

Will there be enough time for a coded warning to the moral majority before Christmas? We’ll have to wait to find out.

Top Gear, 8pm Sundays on BBC2.

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