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With the show not even starting until Sunday, the celebs have already started rowing..

Before anyone has even entered the “jungle”, the celebs are already fighting, and this is all about pay.

Someone has leaked the wages to the stars and some are not happy, in fact, they are furious.

Ex-page 3 girl Nicola McLean, 24, is being paid a ?7,500 wage, five times less than the ?40k 34-year-old? Dani Behr is being paid.

With Carly Zucker earning ?10,000 compared to Martina Navratilova’s ?30k, there is already a jealous rift evolving.? Zucker has joined forces with would be rival Nicola over the pay dispute. But they are not exactly a) famous or b) celebrities or c) famous – they are not famous so why complain?

It’s been said that due to the lack of advertising revenues, contestants this year are earning less than half the sums paid in previous series.

68-year-old Esther Rantzen is notching up a ?25,000 fee with Robert Kilroy-Silk, 66, earning ?15k.

George Takei, 71, who played Mr Sulu in the original Star Trek series, is on ?20,000, has no idea where he is, what he is doing or who anyone is.

Looks set to be a corker!? Find out more about the contestents here.

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