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22 year old jailed for singing Simpsons Spiderpig Theme.

David Mullen, 22, might be regretting his catchy ringtone this morning as he starts an eleven month jail sentence. Arrested for assaulting a police offer and breaching his bail conditions, this offence gained him eight months. The further three months was for a breach of the peace after he had been arrested.

He sat in the back of the police van and called the arresting officer ‘Ginger’ before proceeding to sing the theme tune of the ill-fated Spider Pig from The Simpsons Movie.

Paul Ralph, who was defending Mullen, said: “He started the song and that was the origin of the joke, but things went further. He felt he had not done anything to be apprehended for.”


  1. Latest News : Spiderpig – You’re Nicked!:
    22 year old jailed for singing Simpsons Spid.. http://tinyurl.com/5orxt6

  2. man gets an extra 3 months in jail for singing "spider pig" http://tinyurl.com/5orxt6



    Does whatever a SPIDER PIG does

    Can he swing

    From a web

    No he cant

    He’s a pig


    He is a SPIDER PIG!!

  4. Digg: Man Arrested For Singing "Spider-Pig": thedailydust.co.uk — (Digg and comment this) http://tinyurl.com/5orxt6

  5. Digg: Man Arrested For Singing "Spider-Pig": thedailydust.co.uk — (Digg and comment this) http://tinyurl.com/5orxt6

  6. It’s sad when u can’t even sing "Spider Peg" aww http://tinyurl.com/5orxt6

  7. 22 year old jailed for singing Simpsons Spiderpig Theme. http://tinyurl.com/5orxt6

  8. silly brits

  9. flout authority and you vill be disciplined! raus! raus!


  11. spiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiider pig

  12. Wow, and I thought we had it bad in the US since Dictator Bush and his regime threw the Constitution out the window!


  13. Great article

    Come Wath The Simpsons Online at


  14. wow so much for freedom of speech. fucking pigs have nothing better to do.

  15. Man i hate how the UK has so called social laws. Phuck the uk! Hopefully Russia puts em in their place

  16. note to self no sing around cops!

  17. Awesome. A moron gets his comeuppance. Isn’t karma a bitch.

  18. Anyone see “V” for Vendetta? Anyone still doubt that the UK is evolving into exactly such a police state? I hate the UK government and the British “keep us safe o’ overlords” mentality.

  19. and a slightly more cheery story, RT @tomharvey888 Guy arrested whilst singing Spider Pig http://tinyurl.com/5orxt6

  20. Ha, Russia putting them in their place, that’s a pretty good joke. If Russian even tried, then they would have to battle through their allies, mainly the US, which would tear Russia apart ( thats if Russia doesnt tear itself apart before hand ).

  21. Man arrested for singing Spider Pig to a cop, faces 3 months in jail: http://tinyurl.com/5orxt6

  22. You cannot sing a song about pigs after assaulting a police office and expect to get away with it. To do so is just plain stupid. We don’t live in a police state, we just happen to have a legal system that knows how to deal with dumb asses like this.

  23. You’re living in the past Killswitch. USA is the one tearing itself apart right now, along with the rest of the western world.

    Unfortunately though, both the western world and Russia have tyrannical governments.

  24. Check out this cartoon about Spider Pig and swine flu!
    Feel free to post on your blog or “twe


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