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Christmas Tree Price Rises Reflect Economic Woes

London Major Boris Johnson is amazeed at the price of a Christmas Tree in the UK’s capital. Expecting to pay around £35 for his 8 foot tree this year, the infamous Have I Got News For You host was asked for the pricey sum of £55. And the price is all down to the strength of the Euro next to the pound.

“The price of Christmas trees is up by about 30 per cent, and here is a clear, unmistakable sign of how a fall in the value of the currency can hit every household in the land – or every household that buys a real Christmas tree.The pound has fallen against the euro, so that you pay more for your German tannenbaum.”

But hold on, points out Johnson, most of the UK Christmas tree stock is from the UK, why are we seeing massive price rises? It’s all down to a Common Market of festive firs.

“When they see their plantations in Scotland, they don’t see British trees. They see European trees. They see trees that could be sold as easily in Frankfurt or Paris as in London, and so they apply a universal euro price – and hey presto, I end up paying far more, in sterling, for a tree that is almost certainly grown in the UK.”

Personally we have a lovely plastic tree bought many years ago from the store that even the Mayor turns to for his replacement christmas decorations. Woolworths.

(Hat tip to Boris Johnson’s Blog )

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