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Birmingham Blogger successfully campaigns for last place in Brit Blog Awards.

It may have escaped your notice, but the last few weeks has seen people voting on what they think the best UK blog is. Last night, the nominations closed, and the campaigns for votes could see how well they achieved their goal.

But Pete Ashton had a different goal in mind to the other short-listed candidates:

So it seems I’ve been nominated for a Weblog Award for Best UK Blog. Which would be nice if it meant anything. I mean, I’m grateful to the chap who nominated me – that means a lot – but I don’t really need this. In fact I’m so not bothered that I can’t even be arsed to get my name taken off the list.

Of course it does mean something, as the blog that Ashton ran last year, Created in Birmingham was up for the award. Ashton explained in his blog post why awards like this are vital, as he witnessed when the blog was nominated last year for a Guardian Media Award:

Suddenly Created in Birmingham stopped being that weird website that we can’t control and don’t really understand and became part of the media landscape (albeit a part we can’t control and don’t really understand, but we’re willing to try to now).

Ashton, in an almost quixotic quest, threw his blog out the pram, and decided to campaign for last place. He’s been tirelessly working the internet since then, and even last night, victory looked to be a few popular votes away…

C’mon, I need just seven people to vote for Iain Dale in order to lose this thing. Is that so hard? #

And did he get his wish? Yes, by six votes.

“I come last by the skin of my teeth. Fantastic results! Given the competition, coming last was quite a challenge, but one I took very seriously. Thanks all!”

We at The Daily Dust salute you, Mr Ashton, for achieving your very British goal. Congratulations.

You can read The Worst Blog In The UK at, and the full results of the Best UK Blog here.
Pic by Stef Lewandowski.

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  1. More Good News : Pete Ashton is the UK’s Worst Blogger:
    Birmingham Blogger successfully campaig..


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