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With the Oscar nominations released today, the Daily Dust compiles a list of the top 10 Brits in the USA.

Patrick McGoohan

Sadly passing away this weekend was the orignal number, but after the Prisoner TV series saw him hounded out of the UK with people wondering what the frak was going on, he settled on the West Coast and went on to be one of the most popular names attached to the Columbo TV series, garnering Emmy awards and nominations alongside critical acclaim.

Jane Leeves

Most well known in the states as Daphne in Frasier, she originally moved to America to get her big break after appearing in The Benny Hill show and as a topless angel in Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life.

Dario Franchitti

Originally from Bathgate, this Scottish racing driver is probably one of the most successful UK drivers outside of Formula 1. With a gorgeous hollywood wife (Ashley Judd) and the prestigious Indy 500 trophy, he’s living the American dream with just a little bit of tartan.

Helen Mirren

An Oscar, Four SAG Acting awards, three Golden Globes and four Emmy awards… the girl from Chiswick has done very well for herself in Hollywood. Very much a classically trained actress, she’s maintained an allure around her that actresses a quarter her age would kill for.

Anthony Stuart Head

In an alternate universe, his biggest claim to fame would be “that bloke out the Gold Blend adverts” or “provided backing vocals for Chris de Burgh.” But he made the best of his break in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, moving to the US for six years to be the best vampire hunting librarian that saved the world… ever. And he had time for a coffee when he was finished.

Catherine Zeta Jones

Over in the UK, we’d give the welsh star roles with David Jason as her dad. In America, they;d pour her into a leather cat-suit, send her through a field of lasers, and have Sean Connery admiring her rear. And who can blame either Sir Sean or the American public?

Hugh Laurie

So British that the casting director for House was convinced he was American during his audition, Laurie has become a bit of a sex symbol in the US, and the sudden realisation of many that he was British, thanks to hosting Saturday Night Live sent his cool-ness into the stratosphere.

Keira Knightly

Bend it Like Beckham made her cool, but it was Pirates of the Caribbean that sent the new world all a shiver-me-timbers over her. As the second highest paid actress in 2007 (allegedly some $32 million, just behind native American Cameron Diaz) she’s taken to liberty like a duck to water.

Simon Cowell

Broke America, broke the American resolve, gets paid to say nasty things about them…. jammy sod!

Sarah, Duchess of York

While Charles had the duty to marry a certain type of English lady, Andrew knew what he wanted. A fesity redhead. And while Fergie and Andy’s relationship went through a rather civil divorce, Sarah knew how to handle herself, keep the kids in touch with real life, and make sure that Prince Philip still liked her. so she moved to America, worked the American work ethic, cleared of multi million dollar debts… and eventually the Queen invited her back to Balmoral Castle.

So who did we miss?

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