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What caught your eye on the UK’s Good News Newspaper last week? Let’s find out.

Top Brits In America

Lots of little things made us look over to America to see the success that others from the UK have achieved was celebrated in our list of the top ten residents of the USA with ties back to the old country. Who did we miss?

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Top Gear’s Stig Reveals Himself

It continues to surprise me that people want to find out who The Stig is. I’m with Jeremy Clarkson on this one… he’s like Santa for Adults. Leave the genetically modified Scaletrix controller alone!

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Do Not Mimic Royal Guards

This on the other hand is just someone being supremely stupid.

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Lilly Allen Sends Topless MMS To The Wrong Ricky

There are times when the headline writes itself, and there’s not much more you can add in the text of the story – when that happens it’s usually a good bet the photo editor has to do some overtime.

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Demons Not Winning Against The Viewing Public

Finally, we all seem to like a good car crash, and ITV’s “Last of the Van Helsings” show is shedding viewers faster than Mackenzie Crook takes off his false nose at the end of a tough day’s recording.

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