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Back together again at last, the Red Dwarf crew are back on our screens soon.

Last week we announced the return of classic sci-fi comedy Red Dwarf, and promised you more details as they arrive. Well, here at the Daily Dust we always keep our promises, so here is some good news – digital channel Dave, where the new shows will be broadcast, have released an exclusive photo of the gang back together again.

We don’t think the guys look any different, so we’re looking forward to the new shows being just as good as the old ones when they are broadcast from Friday April 10th.

There is lots more info over at so check out the full size photo there. And of course we’ll keep you up to date here on The Daily Dust as more news becomes available.


  1. More Good News : Red Dwarf return – first picture of the crew:
    Back together again at last, the..

  2. @bobbyllew looking good my man


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