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UFO’s were not to blame for the mysterious collision at a Lincolnshire Wind turbine.

The wind turbine near Louth was the scene of weeks of speculation by UFO spotters after many eye witnesses had reported glowing orange orbs and then the collapse of the turbines wings. However, the manufacturers Enercon have rained on the UFO experts parade by announcing today that it was a malfunctioning system due to metal fatigue.

Dale Vince the founder of Ecotricity, the people who own the farm said ” To be honest, I’m not surprised. There was a part of me that did hope it was an UFO as it was a lovely story”

It wasn’t to be though as it was a much more human effect that caused the turbine collapse, a rather less mysterious “bolt failure” to be precise…

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  1. Where is the 60m (65 foot long) missing blade? What happened to it? How do you lose such an object? This time, there has to be a public accounting. The remaining damaged blade is very bent. Considering the speed of rotation, it should be possible to calculate the length of the object which damaged both of the windfarm blades. Why is there so much paranoia and secrecy? Why is it difficult to get to the bottom of this? The silly secrecy of the electricity company, only makes things worse.

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