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Lovers parting at a Cheshire rail station may find themselves caught in a dangerous liaison – especially if they share a kiss under the ‘No Kissing’ sign. The reason?  According to officials, its to stop commuters missing their taxis.

Bosses at Warrington Bank Quay Station agreed to a romance-free zone, which was suggested by the local chamber of commerce.

“They may seem frivolous, but there is a serious message underneath. They certainly make our station unique,” Colin Daniels, chief executive of Warrington Chamber of Commerce said.

If lovers want to snog, they now have to do so in the designated kissing area situated nearby.

Train passenger Jenna Seddon, 23, from Warrington, said she thought the signs were sweet.

“It’s romantic and a bit of fun. It’ll stop people from holding up the traffic as well.”

Errr what traffic?

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