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Today the Daily Mail published an article on why sites like Facebook can cause cancer, we thought we’d take a look at other strange things the Daily Mail has written about that can cause cancer.

Please note, this is all written on their site, and do not show your partner number 6..

1.FACEBOOK: Social networking sites such as Facebook could raise your risk of serious health problems by reducing levels of face-to-face contact, a doctor claims.

2.  WINE: Drinking just a small glass of wine a day can more than double the risk of cancer, a study claims. It says that consuming just one 125ml glass of wine increases the chance of developing mouth and throat cancer by 168 per cent.

3. A COLD:  The common cold could be a major cause of childhood cancer, a new study claims. Researchers claim that an infection during pregnancy or in early childhood could leave children more susceptible to cancers like leukaemia or brain tumours.

4.  DEODORANT: New research suggests that the aluminium in many anti-perspirants has a potential link with breast cancer. Here, a leading breast cancer specialist explains why he explains why he suggests avoiding the products.

5.  CHIPS: Parents are being urged to stop giving their children chips amid fears they dramatically increase the risk of breast cancer. Serving under-fives chips just once a week raises their risk of breast cancer by 27 per cent, shocking new research has shown

6. ORAL SEX: Oral sex raises your risk of throat cancer scientists have warned. A new study found the sex act can pass on the human papillomavirus (HPV), which can trigger a specific type of throat cancer in both men and women

7. VITAMIN E: Vitamin E supplements may raise the risk of lung cancer, doctors have warned. A study of more than 77,000 people found that taking moderate to high doses of vitamin E led to a ‘significant’ increase in risk of the cancer that kills on Briton every 15 minutes.

8. SAUSAGES AND BURGERS: A red dye used in sausages and burgers is being banned because it could cause cancer, the European Commission said today. The move will come into force within days

9.  SOUP: People who regularly have soup with a high salt content could be increasing their risk of stomach cancer, according to an expert.

10. HAIR DYE: Women who use permanent hair dye may be putting themselves at increased risk of bladder cancer. If you have used hair dye for at least 15 years, the risk is three times greater, says new research

11. MOUTHWASH: There is now ‘sufficient evidence’ that mouthwashes containing alcohol contribute to the increased risk of cancer in the mouth, according to a scientist.

12. SUN CREAM: Sun creams could raise the risk of getting skin cancer, warn experts. Although they help prevent sunburn, lotions fail to block out the ultraviolet rays which can cause the disease

13. PRINGLES, HULA-HOOPS & PRINCE CHARLES’ ORGANIC CRISPS: An organic product sold under Prince Charles’s Duchy Originals brand has been found to contain elevated levels of a cancer causing chemical.

14. X-RAYS: Diagnostic X-rays are linked to a small raised risk of cancer, according to researchers. The radiation could be the cause of 700 cancer cases per year in Britain

15. TALCUM POWDER: Women who use talcum powder every day to keep fresh are 40 per cent more likely to develop ovarian cancer, according to alarming research.

16. MOISTURISERS: Moisturisers used by millions of women every day may be increasing their risk of skin cancer, scientists have warned.

17. MOBILE PHONES: Mobile phones can take as little as ten minutes to trigger changes in the brain associated with cancer, scientists claimed yesterday. They found even low levels of radiation from handsets interfere with the way brain cells divide

18. RED MEAT: Eating large amounts of red and processed meat leaves you at greater risk of cancer, a major report has warned. One in ten cases of both lung and bowel cancer could be prevented if people cut down on beef, lamb, pork, sausages, ham and bacon, scientists say

19.TOOTH WHITENER: Dentists are warning the public over the proposed sale of super-strength tooth whitener linked to cancer. Under European Commission plans, the limit on concentration levels of bleach in over-the-counter products will rise 60 times

20. CHOCOLATES AND BAGGED SNACKS: Chocolates and bagged snacks are being pulled from shop shelves after potential cancer-causing toxins were found in a batch of rice flour

Hat tip on every single bit of text above to the Daily Mail.


  1. They also said abortions can cause cancer. No really:


    In actual fact, the story was that not having children makes a woman a little bit more susceptible to some cancers.


  2. I’ve heard that reading lists can cause cancer ………. oh dear.

  3. It’s great to see how the Mail readers have reacted to the Facebook can cause cancer story:


  4. Next you should do a meta analysis of all the things The Mail claims _cures_ cancer (hint: it seems to be everything else in the world not in the “causes cancer” list).

  5. Given that laughing is a well known preventer of cancer (didn’t the Mail tell us that once?), perhaps this is just an attempt at making us all better.

  6. Don’t forget terrorists and illegal immigrants. And people who don’t really get into the Christmas spirit. And scientists invented cancer, didn’t you know that? Wait, are you laughing at this? Don’t! Happiness is more cancerous than anything!

  7. Oh please, will someone in a reputable lab do a research project on newsprint, using a certain daily tabloid, just so that we can get the “Daily Mail Causes Cancer” headline?


  8. combine multiple causes for the high score,

    drink wine, and then have oral sex in an x-ray machine covered in sun cream.

    this should give you a 371% chance to get cancer.

  9. I am so f*****. I wake up, have a shower, use my tooth whitening toothpaste and have a quick gargle of mouthwash.

    Then it’s off to the office, where I spend most of the day on facebook and stuffing my face with Pringles (cheese and onion are my favourite, fyi), and some Celebrations left over from the last office party. Lunch is usually a nice hot bowl of sausage soup.

    When I get home I usually cook myself and my boyfriend a nice medium-rare steak + chips before s***** him off.

  10. I have an idea
    I think that water heaters can be a source of cancer /////
    the older the water heater the more chance of cancer we might get/////

  11. I like this article. I randomly stumbled upon this blog while I was in the process of doing studying with the internet. Anyway, I just felt the urge to tell you I enjoyed this blog and to keep on doing what you’re doing. Remember, enjoy the adventure.. dont over-focus on the final result. *Keith*

  12. Thank You forrrr this article ! Keep It Up posting stuff like that

  13. Well actually if you think about the power of the placebo/nocebo effect there is only one conclusion you can draw. Reading the daily mail gives you cancer. Now we just need someone to take them to court over it.

  14. Some stuff is true. The Daily Mail is no more of a newspaper than a gossip magazine, but independent studies (not from vegetarian organisations) have shown that most vegetarians are less at risk of cancer.

    However, most, if not all, of the Daily Mail’s “experts” are made-up people, and the “new research” is usually made-up too.

    And think about it – ExpertVillage has some of the most idiotic videos ever, clearly NOT from genuine experts.

  15. those hair dyes that are coming from coal tar are dangerous and often causes allergies .

  16. In response to Diane, not having children and not breastfeeding both slightly increase the risk of various reproductive cancers in women. In addition, breastfeeding your child decreases his/her future risk for some cancers.


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