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Asteroid 2009 DD45

Asteroid 2009DD45 will be making a close approach to Earth today, passing overhead at a space-amazingly close 72,000 km.

Look up at lunchtime today and you might see a genuine close encounter. Space asteroid 2009DD45 will be passing just in front of the Earth at 1.40pm today.

Some 40m wide, which is as big as the Tunguska asteroid that obliterated most of Siberia in the early 20th century, the asteroid poses no danger to Earth – you can’t change the laws of physics, remember – so while it may be close, you don’t need to worry about any imminent death by falling rocks.

Besides, Bruce Willis is busy this week…

(Good news duck to Space Weather, follow the Asteroid via NASA, and thanks to @Andysc and @SimonPerry on Twitter).

It’s even named DD, I wonder if that’s in honour of us?


  1. 1) Come on, the Tunguska asteroid was aproximately 60-1200 m’s i diameter. It shouldn’t really be compared with yesterdays asteroid.

    2) It destroyed some what 2’000 km2 of forest. Consider that Siberia is 1,3 miljon km2 the asteroid destroyed ONLY 0,1 per mille.

    3) It was NOT visible by the naked eye!

  2. Tommy,

    “Different studies have yielded varying estimates for the object’s size, with general agreement that it was a rocky asteroid a few tens of metres across (ref), as opposed to older work which suspected a comet at 1200,

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