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The credit crunch is not affecting Ziggy. The Pekingese dog is selling his abstract expressionist paintings for as much as £171 each.

The three year old dog from Fallbrook, USA, is taking the art world by storm. He has been painting since 2007. Depending on his mood, Ziggy may paint with his nose, or a paintbrush.

According to his owner, Ziggy is a temperamental artist who is prone to bouts of existential doubts. Mis Monacelli said: “He enjoys painting but has to be in the right frame of mind for it”.

“He’ll go for a while then just roll himself into a little ball and start snoring,” said Miss Monacelli.

“Or he wanders off looking for snacks.”


  1. Hi Nick,
    It’s Ziggy here. Thanks so much for posting my story!

    As a small token of appreciation, I would love to send you one of my paintings.

    Have a great weekend!


  2. Ha, very outgoing. One major idea I take into account is how exhausting it is to give due consideration to the subject matter so absolutely. I was wondering about this when planning to write a post for my own blog.

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