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There are many great sporting events that deserve a ‘Battle of Britain’ tag, but here is our top 5.

5. The Boat Race (Cambridge University v Oxford University)
Since 1829 these two established institutions battle it out over the 6,779 metre course, making it the oldest Battle of Britain event in the top five. After all these years the feirce battle is still amazingly close with Cambridge leading the way with 79, while 2008 and 2009 winners Oxford are chasing them down with 75.

4. Liverpool v Chelsea (UEFA Champions League)
This list would normally include an Premiership battle like the Merseyside or Manchester derbies, but in recent years Liverpool v Chelsea in the Champions League has become more regular than The Boat Race. Since 2005, they have met in Europe every year. In 2005 and 2007 Liverpool progressed to the final at the Blues expense. 2006 saw them meet in the group stages, while the Londoners were victorious in last years semi-finals. They meet again in the quarter-finals tonight…

3. England v Wales (Rugby Union)
Wales have never been able to compete with England on the footballing stage so they take their opportunity for equality on the rugby field very, very seriously. England may have won the World Cup in 2003, but since then the Welsh have won the Six Nations with two Grand Slams and beat England at Twickenham in the process.

2. England v Scotland (International Football)
Once again, England may have one the World Cup, but it doesn’t stop them being humbled by their United Kindgom neighbours.England and Scotland have been playing each other since 1872, longer than any other countries. In 1966 England famously lifted the Jules Rimet trophy. In 1967, Scotland beat the World Champions in their own back yard. In 1977 members of the Tartan Army stormed the Wembley pitch after another famous victory, stealing parts of the pitch and snapping goalposts.

1. Glasgow Rangers v Glasgow Celtic
The Old Firm. This one is more than football. Its more than the two most successful Scottish clubs meeting. Its a clash of communities. It incorporates religion (Catholics and Protestants) and even Irish politics (Loyalists and Republicans). The Scottish Premier League is dominated by the Glasgow giants and even after 383 games, they still remain the closest rivals with Rangers winning 152, with Celtic close on 139. Rarely a game goes by where both teams end up with 11 players on the pitch or a clean sheet. Its such a famous rivalry, that in 2005, it was claimed it was £120m to the Scottish economy!

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