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So you joined Twitter but have no idea how to find celebs to follow?  Here is a list of 50 famous UK Twitter users for you to follow.

The celebs are getting hooked and nowhere is safe, even if you happen to get stuck in a lift with Stephen Fry, it is likely he’ll Twitter it..Work with Adam Woodyatt, he’ll shame you into admitting you are not on Twitter..

So without further-a-do, here are 50 famous UK Twitter users you should follow (there are probably many more we missed so leave their names in comments).

Top 10

http://twitter.com/coldplay (Coldplay) 540,812 followers
http://twitter.com/DowningStreet (Gordon Brown’s Office) 424,778 followers
http://twitter.com/stephenfry (Stephen Fry) 417,508 followers
http://twitter.com/rustyrockets (Russell Brand) 220,664 followers
http://twitter.com/Wossy (Jonathan Ross) 208,613 followers
http://twitter.com/imogenheap (Imogen Heap) 159,569 followers
http://twitter.com/richardpbacon (Richard Bacon) 152,362
http://twitter.com/Lilyroseallen (Lily Allen) 143,371 followers
http://twitter.com/Schofe (Phil Schofield) 141,680 followers
http://twitter.com/JohnCleese (John Cleese) 140,160 followers

11 – 20

http://twitter.com/chrisdjmoyles (Chris Moyles) 130,401 followers
http://twitter.com/AlanCarr (Alan Carr) 111,199 followers
http://twitter.com/Fearnecotton (Fearne Cotton) 88,810 followers
http://twitter.com/jimmycarr (Jimmy Carr) 86,604 followers
http://twitter.com/richardbranson (Richard Branson) 82,006 followers
http://twitter.com/eddieizzard (Eddie Izzard) 74,791 followers
http://twitter.com/Jamie_Oliver (Jamie Oliver) 53,707 followers
http://twitter.com/justinillusion (Justin Lee Collins) 56,824 followers
http://twitter.com/hollywills (Holly Willoughby) 53,843 followers
http://twitter.com/xxandip (Andi Peters) 47,958 followers

21 – 30

http://twitter.com/alandavies1 (Alan Davies) 45,574 followers
http://twitter.com/RealDMitchell (David Mitchell) 44,905 followers
http://twitter.com/RealRobBrydon (Rob Brydon) 37,884 followers
http://twitter.com/charltonbrooker (Charlie Brooker) 34,016 followers
http://twitter.com/scott_mills (Scott Mills) 28,873 followers
http://twitter.com/jupitusphillip (Phil Jupitus) 27,010 followers
http://twitter.com/mfhorne (Matthew Horne) 25,885 followers
http://twitter.com/MayorOfLondon (Boris Johnson) 25,604 followers
http://twitter.com/RealBillBailey (Bill Bailey) 24,506 followers
http://twitter.com/RealMattLucas (Matt Lucas) 23,667 followers

31 – 40

http://twitter.com/misterwallace (Danny Wallace) 21,839 followers
http://twitter.com/bobbyllew (Robert Llewellyn) 21,543 followers
http://twitter.com/cheryl_ann_cole (Cheryl Cole) 20,549 followers
http://twitter.com/skinnermike (Mike Skinner) 20,291 followers
http://twitter.com/ClaudiaWinkle (Claudia Winkleman) 15,769 followers
http://twitter.com/willcarling (Will Carling) 14,167 followers
http://twitter.com/ThePaulDaniels (Paul Daniels) 14,074 followers
http://twitter.com/AdamWoodyatt (Adam Woodyatt) 13,985 followers
http://twitter.com/RealRobertWebb (Robert Webb) 13,916 followers
http://twitter.com/LeighFrancis (Keith/Leigh Francis) 12,415 followers

41 – 50

http://twitter.com/ronskanky (David Baddiel) 10,700 followers
http://twitter.com/ronanofficial (Ronan Keating) 10,231 followers
http://twitter.com/Jennifalconer (Jenni Falconer) 9,659 followers
http://twitter.com/sarah_cawood (Sarah Cawood) 9,654 followers
http://twitter.com/benshephard (Ben Shephard) 7,962 followers
http://twitter.com/jamiecullum (Jamie Cullum) 7,437 followers
http://twitter.com/sk8mate (Chris Dean) 3,403 followers
http://twitter.com/DonalMacIntyre (Donal MacIntyre) 3,091 followers
http://twitter.com/Kyranbracken (Kyran Bracken) 2,810 followers
http://twitter.com/Beverleyknight (Beverley Knight) 1,753 followers

Add me http://twitter.com/kevindixie (Kevin Dixie) 1,502 followers

and follow the DailyDust for all new posts – http://twitter.com/thedailydust

Did we miss any?  Leave their name and link in the comments

Image credits @adamwoodyatt and @stephenfry on Twitpic

Originally posted on Sky Blogs


  1. Hi, the Cheryl cole you have is a fake, it has been confirmed by her record label, that Cheryl only tweets via fascination records (@welovepop) the Cheryl above is a fake! Please take it off! And put the correct one http://www.twitter.com/welovepop on there for chez! X x x x x

  2. for verified accounts I’d suggest checking out http://www.ibrity.com . they only post verified accounts and they provide links of the celebrity’s facebook, myspace and even youtube channel as well.. plus it’s divided per country. so if you’re looking for an uk celebrity you won’t be bothered by the american ones lol!

    http://www.ibrity.com/john_cleese for example

  3. charlotte martin (susan carter in the archers, bbc radio 4) – @ambridgeview
    tim bentinck (david archer) – @timbentinck

  4. Hi guys we are working with Lord Sugar at the moment and we thought you might be interested to know that he has a Twitter account! You can find him here http://www.twitter.com/Lord_Sugar .. Submit your questions , queries to the UK’s leading entrepreneur.


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