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In an effort to reduce “word poverty”, children will be taught how to speak “proper” English in schools.

The proposals, from Sir Jim Rose, a former head of Ofsted, are intended to emphasise teaching children to “recognise when to use formal language, including standard spoken English”.

The suggested change is in response to concern that an increasing number of children suffer from “word poverty” and are unable to string together a coherent sentence by the time that they start school.

The Director of Children’s Services at Reading  Council, where such leesons have already been introduced, said “Children from poor homes have smaller vocabularies, which don’t contain many abstract ideas. This makes it more difficult for them to make connections between words and to move to abstract concepts and to higher-order thinking about causes, effects and consequences.”

Here at the Daily Dust we say LOL OMG dude wot a gr8 idea…wikid, lemme tweet dat 2 my m8s

Who says the English language isn’t being used correctly these days…?

Hat-tip to The Times

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