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New research shows that mothers who exercise regularly during their pregnancy are helping to increase their child’s IQ.

In a new book, Intelligence and How To Get It, Richard Nisbett shows the importance mothers plays in shaping her children’s ability to learn, starting shortly after conception.

“Children whose mother exercised 30 minutes a day score around eight points higher on standard IQ tests than children whose mothers were more sedentary,” Nisbett said. “Breast-feeding for up to nine months may increase IQ by as much as six points.”

“Exercising large muscle groups increases the growth of neurons and adds to the blood supply of the brain,” writes Nisbett. Exercise and breast-feeding combined, he says, will raise a typical child’s IQ to about 114, 14 points above average.

Official advice around Britain is that the more active and fit most women are during pregnancy, the more easily they will adapt to their changing shape and weight gain. It will also help them to cope with labour.

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  1. i would like to know the food and exercise that will increase my childs IQ level, As well as how to make the child walk and talk fast after the birth. I am 6m pregnent


  1. Improve Baby Intelligence - [...] Exercising During Pregnancy Improves Baby Intelligence [...]

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