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Jonathan Ross is more influential on Twitter than President Barack Obama even though he has fewer followers according to new research.

The Twitter Index measures influence rather than number of followers alone. The algorithm takes into account the number of times a person is mentioned as well as the amount of times their tweets have been retweeted.

There are 6 UK celebrity Twitter users in the top 20 including Father Ted and Graham Lineham. Downing Street came it at 12th, Jason Bradbury, host of Channel Five’s Gadget show at 13th and Phillip Schofield, ITV’s This Morning presenter, at 14th.

Jackie Cooper, founding partner of JCPR, the agency behind the Twitter Index, said: “We are always trying to help our clients understand the influence that certain celebrities have over particular sections of society. Behind all the glitz and glamour that goes with fame, it‘s important to understand where real influence lies, which is often very different to mere popularity. The JCPR Twitter Index helps us define that within the hugely dynamic social media space.”

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