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Wine lovers would never have contemplated drinking fine wine from a can just a few short years ago, but according to reports, sales of “wine in a can” have rocketed.

John Revess, of Rexam, one of the world’s largest can makers, said that the group had sold six million cans to the wine industry in 2006. In 2007 a total of 38 million cans were sold. In 2009 he expects sales of 100 million cans over the next few years.

John Revess said, “It’s not going to replace the bottle, but there are many occasions when a bottle is not appropriate,” he said. “Single-serve is what a lot of people want and it’s something that hasn’t really worked in the wine industry so far.”

It is though that the sales of wine in a can have increased due to younger people wanting single glasses of wine to take to festivals and other events. wine investment is probably not geared at the younger audience, however, wine in cans has made a serious impact with young people who are environmentally conscious and want something easy to carry when they are at music events.

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