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A woman has given birth to sextuplets for the first time in Britain for 25 years.

Nuala Conway, from Cookstown in Co Tyrone, gave birth to the six tiny brothers and sisters at Royal Jubilee Maternity Hospital, in Belfast, on Friday.

All six babies, four being girls and two boys, are currently in intensive care but are said to be in a “stable” condition.

Neonatal consultant at the Royal Jubilee hospital, Clifford Mayes, said: “This is both a happy time and a potentially difficult time.

“It is an extraordinary thing to have witnessed but you are also struck by the fact that there are little babies in intensive care.”

The last sextuplets to be born in Britain were the ‘Walton sisters,’ born in Liverpool in 1983 and thought to be the first all-girl sextuplets to survive.

Mrs Conway and her husband, Austin, are both in their mid 20′s and, after six arrivals in around 5 minutes, Mrs Conway is said to be recovering well.

Dr Mayes added: “‘It is a very stressful situation both for our staff, all of the staff involved, and also for the parents, but it’s a situation that went very well.

“The mother was very composed – under a very stressful situation both parents were very composed and they dealt with it very well.”

As the sextuplets were conceived naturally without the aid of IVF, it will be a UK first if all six survive.

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