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Gladiator star Russell Crowe is reported to be looking to rent a house in Wales, but is being thwarted by a lack of properties.

Crowe has so far tried to secure two places,  one a 12-bedroom house near Cardigan, priced at £1.5m; the other an eight-bedroom farm house set in 230 acres of idyllic Pembrokeshire. But the New Zealander’s requests were turned down by both owners.

“A lot of the rental houses are summer or holiday lets, and now it may be difficult for someone like Russell Crowe to find a house,” said Nigel Jonesfrom local estate agent John Francis. “The area tends to be quite popular, and few properties priced at around the £1.5m mark will be up for rent. Often, sellers of these are not looking to rent, they want someone to buy their house.”

Crowe, in town for the summer to film Ridley Scott’s new Robin Hood blockbuster “Nottingham”, has links with Wales, as his great-grandparents lived there.

With the stars descending on Pembrokshire for the filming, perhaps it’s time for autograph hunters to pay a visit to the beautiful West Wales coast.

Hat-tip to Wales Online

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