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Google Street Van has found possibly the most appropriate street name for the Police to work. The van managed to capture a police air support unit on “Letsby Avenue”.

According to The Register, the street might have been named by senior policemen. Letsby Avenue is home to the police air support unit’s chopper, which flies from the site. Here’s as close as a Google Street View spymobile could get to the facility:

Senior officers in the South Yorkshire force gave the nod to the name – familiar from comedians’ routines and children’s games – after Sheffield council sent them a straight-faced consultation form for comments. There won’t be any problem with getting van insurance on this road.

“We’re not quite sure who sent the letter – it’s all a bit might-and-maybe at the moment,” said PC Keith Scruton of the police air support unit, whose helicopter flies from a pad on the new road. “Pilots checked for the address when the new Sheffield maps came out, and we couldn’t believe it at first. But it’s certainly appropriate.”

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