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While Dowling flies high, other contests left asking for minimal appearance fees.

With Big Brother, the annual audition for pages 8 and 9 in the tabloids “who can we write about today”, ready to start again, Heat’s survey of the previous winners and people’s favourites is a timely reminder that like life, making a success from any appearance is a bit of a lottery.

While Brian Dowling (BB2) has carved out a success as a TV presenter and won Heat’s voting with 29.5% of the votes, followed by Pete “Tourette’s Syndrome” Bennet, other winners are less lucky.

Last year’s winner Rachel is available for public appearances for £500 plus petrol money, while Cameron Stout continues writing for The Sunday Post in Scotland.

BB10 contestants may have the time of their lives, but the chances are they’ll be back in Tescos soon enough.

A big “we’re coming to get you!” for The Sun.

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