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A car showroom is experiencing a customer’s wrath after failing to deal with his complaints

If your car breaks down, rather than adopt the tried and trusted Basil Fawlty method of thrashing it with a branch you should consider the action that one aggravated motorist took.

At first glance, the Range Rover Sport HSE parked outside of Lookers Land Rover Showroom in Colchester Essex looks like an advertisement for a ‘manager’s special offer’.

However, on closer inspection it becomes apparent that it’s not a deal for the luxury vehicle, but a litany of complaints from a disgruntled customer.

Unhappy with the way the dealership had dealt with his complaints, the mystery owner decorated the car and left it parked outside.

A catalogue of alleged faults are listed on the side and rear windows: ‘Problems with . . . 6 front ball joints, 4 front arm bushes, new seat base, front and rear n/s [nearside] struts, full n/s suspension unit, anti-roll bar bushes, air con.’

Large yellow letters on the passenger doors read: ‘If you want trouble free motoring do not buy one of these!!!’

If staff at the showroom are less than impressed, the negative advertisement had the opposite effect with onlookers. One said: ‘It looks really realistic until you actually read what the words say. Then it’s obvious someone has put it there to have a dig at the dealership. It’s a brilliant idea.’

Mark Foster of Jaguar Land Rover said: ‘Land Rover operates a comprehensive warranty programme and a strong goodwill policy.

‘All necessary repairs to this vehicle over 42,000 miles have been carried out under warranty.

‘However, we are disappointed this customer’s experience has been unfortunate and as such we have made a goodwill offer towards helping him into a new vehicle.’

Beep of the horn to The Daily Mail, Image by MasterJackRoger:

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