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Dad's BNP Army

Summing up the European Elections in a single image.

you have to hand it to the members of B3ta, as photoshopper The Coast of Yemen comes up with a single image that sums up the results of last night’s European Elections.

There are sure to be an outpouring of frustration online of images, flash games, and other paraphernalia in the next few days, but Yemen’s work is probably the simplest and most powerful political cartoon of the day.

They don’t like the links up em at B3ta.

One Comment

  1. It is a very effective cartoon, – but, given that there are only 2 ‘far right’ MEPs in the UK, and dozens in the rest of the EU, it’s more than a little disingenuous.
    Personally, I think the original Dad’s Army cartoon (arrows in thedirection of the UK) with crescent moons rather than swastikas, would be far more accurate.


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