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Scottish Labour’s health spokesman Dr. Richard Simpson yesterday called for a ban on unhealthy trans-fats in food.

The chemically altered “Frankenstein-fats” are created by adding hydrogen to vegetable oil, solidifying the mixture. Commonly found in sweets, bakery products and fast food, studies have linked the chemical to raised cholesterol, causing heart disease, diabetes and strokes.

“Most British companies have already removed trans fats from their products, but if we can eliminate the remainder it will save lives and improve the health of the Scottish people as a whole,” said the Scottish Labour MP yesterday.

However, Dr. Simpson’s bill has been followed up with calls for a special unit of “pie police” to ensure that bakers remain trans-fat-free.

The bid is backed by nutrition experts at Glasgow University and celebrity chef Nick Nairn. Scotland has one of the highest death rates from coronary heart disease in the world.

Hat tip to The Sun

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  1. regarding the trans fats bill being launched by Dr. Simpson this bill must go through i cannot understand why it,s taken so long to do this the whole country is slowly dying through these fats and children have them from a very young age as they are in chocolate and a great number of children live on ready made meals

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