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Did Tony Blair put his shredding of expenses on expenses?

As the House of Commons puts their version of the MP’s Expenses online, it’s clear that someone has been busy with the censors cut and paste in the PDF’s with huge swathes of black in all the documentation.

Expect lots of mentions of “Mr Redactor” to Gordon Brown over the next few days as everyone in the country pours over the details, and not just the Daily Telegraph.

Mind you, the Telegraph has the version with nothing redacted, so those black blocks are going to be like a flame to the journalistic moths looking for what the MP’s want to hide.

And of course lots of little issues are going to pop up and flood the airwaves and online websites. My favourite so far is Tony Blair, who mythically managed to report his expenses had been shredded by mistake.

Guess who paid for the shredding… go on…

Hat tip to Guido and everyone who submitted it to us!

Guido is logging some of the more… delightful claims here.

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