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Wimbledon Roof

Latest Ever finish for a Wimbledon game as new retractable roof makes debut.

After a titanic struggle of close to 4 hours, Andy Murray made it into the quarter finals of Wimbledon, and Stanislas Wawrinka was left to scoot off the court before the partisan crowd deafened him in their support for the home-grown Tennis Hero.

After a threat of rain earlier in the day, the centre court crowd saw the Wimbledon roof pulled out, and word came down that no matter what, Murray and Warrinka were playing to the finish line tonight.

At around 8pm all the other courts closed. At 9pm people started to realise just how good the daylight floodlights were on the roof as cheering fans on Henman Hill was shrouded in darkness. At 9.17pm the game officially became the latest finish in the championship history.

And at 10.38pm, Murray took match point, and a place in the next edition of Trivial Pursuit.

Murray was in serious danger tonight of being labelled “Scottish Wimbledon hopeful” in tomorrow’s press, but lives to fight another day. That day will be Wednesday, when he takes on Spanish wildcard entrant Juan Carlos Ferrero in the quarter finals.

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  1. It certainly was a nail biting match, I sat up nervously eating my strawberries and cream, well done to Andy… The court looked great with the roof over!

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