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2009 is turning out to be a bumper year for sightings of unexplained aerial phenomena in the UK.

So far this year, 231 incidents have been reported compared to 285 for the whole of 2008.

This continues the trend of a year-on-year increase, with 135 reports in 2007 and just 97 in 2006.

Nick Pope, who was the Ministry of Defence’s investigator of UFO reports between 1991 and 1994, said: “I thought the number of UFOs reported last year was high, but we now know that they are being seen in increasing numbers.”

“This is sensational. We are now on target for a record year.

He believes the increase is due to the increased opportunity to take photographic evidence: “Most people have a mobile which can take pictures or film. Before, people feared being ridiculed.”

The MOD evaluate sightings for threats to UK airspace – if no threat is perceived, no further inquiries are made.

However, a spokesman from the MoD stated they remained “open-minded” about the existence of alien life.

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