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Doom-o-Meter site automates your questions on what to be paranoid of on a daily basis.

Hats off to Tinlad for taking a suggestion from B3ta to make a new site Doomwatch. Nothing to do with the TV series of the same name, but to do something useful with The Daily Mail. The challenge was thus:

Doomwatch – a site which counts fear words eg ‘Swine Flu’, ‘Terrorism’… from the day’s news and charts what to be most scared of today.

This is going to be a fantastic resource and save a lot of time for Middle Earth England in the morning. As we write this article, the top things to be scared of are Murder, Cancer, Swine Flu, Immigrants and North Korea.

You can point the Doomwatch engine to other sites, and when we ask what the good news Daily Dust is highlighting only one big scary thing. Cancer.

We’re guessing that’s down to our “20 Strange Thigns The Daily Mail Say Will Cause Cancer” article. See, it all comes back to Paul Dacre!

Hat tip to the B3ta newsletter, more at Doomwatch.

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