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Fancy living in Ronaldo’s old pad? You’ll need a spare £5M.

The most expensive footballer in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo, has put his Manchester mansion up for sale.

The newly signed Real Madrid star bought the house for £4M only 18 months ago but is hoping to make a 25% profit by selling for £5M.

The Cheshire home comes complete with sprawling grounds, a swimming pool and a jacuzzi.

Even in the current house slump, Ronaldo must be confident he’ll get his asking price.

After all, there are a fair few footballers with cash to burn looking for a house close to Manchester right now.

To see images of Ronaldo’s pad check out the Mail


  1. omg id love to live there and if ronaldo was living there before he is so lucky because he is the biggest and richest football player in the world i love him always will and always have

  2. Ronaldo, if you move back to Man Utd, my mum says she’ll buy the mansion for fife hundred million, so talk to Alex Ferguson!

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