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X-Factor contestants JLS make it to number one.

Publishing on the Epic label ( as opposed to Simon Cowell’s Syco), the boys have taken their time to release their debut single (likely down to a contractual ‘cooling off’ period from the end of X-Factor to give Alexandra Burke a clear run).

Formed in 2007, Jack Lad Swing (yes. that’s what JLS stands for) are one of only two new entries in the Top 10, the other being Chicane, who made number seven with Poppiholla.

The Albums Chart? No change real, it’s still Michael Jackson’s Essentials at number one, with nine albums in the Top 40 and an astonishing 50% of the Top Ten. The King of Pop is dead… Long live the King of Pop.

UK Singles Chart, 19 July 2009
1. Beat Again, JLS
2. Evacuate the Dancefloor, Cascada
3. I Gotta Feeling, Black Eyed Peas
4. Bulletproof, La Roux
5. Paparazzi, Lady Gaga

UK Album Chart, 19 July 2009
1. Essentials, Michael Jackson
2. Lungs, Florence and the Machine
3. Thriller, Michael Jackson
4. The Mowtown Years, Michael Jackson
5. The Fame, Lady Gaga

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