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The Doctor and Amy Pond

Matt Smith’s eleventh Doctor finally has his outfit on display.

From Tom Baker’s scarf and Peter Davison celery, to the colour clash of Colin Baker and the riot of question marks of Sylvester McCoy, the costume of the Doctor has always been important. As filming starts on the next season of BBC1’s Doctor Who, the outfit worn by new Doctor Matt Smith has been revealed.

Joining the soon to be sold out everywhere in all charity shops tweed blazer is the short of shirt a geography teacher would wear, the quiff of a young Elvis Pressley, and a tackety pair of hobnail boots and rolled up trousers from down t’mine.

All finished off with a bowtie, which has a certain elegance to the outfit, and certainly puts us in mind of the late great Patrick Troughton.

2 and 11

Fans are now busy asking their grandparents how to tie a bowtie.

BBC News and every other fan forum on the planet.

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