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Tokyo*, the UK’s strongest beer has been released this week at an astonishing 18.2% ABV in a move which producers help will alleviate the country’s binge drinking culture.

BrewDog, one of the UK’s leading independent breweries responsible for the brands such Punk IPA, received heavy criticism when it brewed Tokyo* at 12% ABV, but founder James Watt insists that the decision was made to increase the flavour.

He said: “At BrewDog, we are determined to revolutionize the UK beer scene. Our hardcore beers are loaded with flavour, bite and body so consequently you drink less of them.

“Mass-market industrially brewed lagers are so bland and tasteless that you are seduced into drinking a lot of them. Responsible drinking is at the core of what we do because the types of beers we make actually encourage responsible consumption and a better understanding of beer. We want to change people’s perceptions and understanding of beer and firmly elevate its status,” he added.

Tokyo*, which is a oak-aged imperial stout, has been produced in a 3,000 run of limited edition 330ml bottles to be retailed at £9.99 and is aimed at a small, niche market of beer aficionados and will only be available to buy at or from specialist, independent retailers. The product will also be available with tasting notes and food pairing advice.

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