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Adrian Hayes

In a world of showbiz ‘heroes’ Adrian Hayes was the man for a new generation.

In only 67 days, former Gurka office Adrian Hayes, 49, has completed the longest unsupported trek in the Arctic.

Joined by team-mates Derek Crowe and Devon McDiarmid crossed Greenland vertical (the first to do so) and in the process their 2,200 mile trek smashed the previous 1,400 mark.

With no support planes, no parachute drops, no cached supplies, and no nipping into any local villages for a quick pint, the endurance feat is unsurpassed.

"We had no resupplies of any kind for two months and no doctor on call, yet, we’ve ended this trip completely healthy,” explains Hayes. "Sustainability isn’t about going back to living in caves but being responsible, smarter and sensible."

Thankfully his route back to Britain is a bit faster – his plane lands tomorrow.

The Daily Telegraph salutes the British Explorer.

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