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What titles should make the jump from the silicon screen to the big screen?

With the news that Sam Rami is set to film World of Warcraft, we at The Daily Dust are pondering which of the well used video games here in the office should really be on the big screen. And for some fun, we’ll throw in the dream Directors for each film as well.

Grand Theft Auto


Car chases, guns, fights, women, various street gangs, gorgeous stylised ultra-violence… the list of cinematical tricks the GTA series use is legion, and would be perfect on the big screen, But Rockstar, the team behind the game, know it’s a careful balance and their request to retain creative control has meant movie studios who approach them have turned back.

Oh for someone to just give them a dump truck of money and Michael Man for director.



Nintendo have a space franchise – it’s far smaller than Mario (that movie failed) or Pokemon (isn’t the cartoon enough) but the character of Samus, with power armour, and lots of dark corners and haunted house like space debris is perfect for a horror/sci-fi thriller. We’d hand it to Robert Rodriguez.



The classic British plat ormer from the ZX Spectrum, the rolling egg saving his family of eggs from the evil Wizard Zacks is bursting with puns and CGI potential. Once they’re finished with Wallace and Gromit, Aardman Animation and Nick Parks would capture the eccentric egg perfectly.

Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing

Nintendo’s quiet sim game, where you live in a village or city that has a game clock matching the real world is a peaceful game of growing crops, collecting insects, fish, fossils and art, all the while chatting to the locals and building up relationships?

It’s a natural for Hugh Grant to star in, and only Richard Curtis from Four Weddings and Love Actually will be able to screen the saccharine delights on screen.

Elite Beat Agents /  Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan!

 Elite Beat Agents

Forget your Guitar Heros and Rock band, the greatest rhytym game around is the japanese Oso Tatake Ouenda team – a group of crime fighting samurai that made a big hit in the import market. Reworked in the UK as the Elite Beat Agents, its a mix of the Men in Black, the Village People and The Littlest Hobo., May we suggest this should be the directorial debut of a certain Wil Smith?

Do you agree with us? Bet you 1000 bells you don’t, so let us know!


  1. I think there are so many films that could be described as a Grand Theft Auto movie, but a Dizzy movie, now that would be interesting, come on DreamWorks your missing a massive opportunity on this one :lol:

  2. Crank pretty much was the Grand Theft Auto film.

  3. I can say that there are lot of great video games out there that should be made into movies. I love to see “Animal Crossing” and “Dizzy” on a big screen. LOL :) I really enjoy watching movies especially if it’s based on my favorite video games.

  4. Grand theft auto is the definitely the first video game that springs to my mind in terms of needing to be on the big screen.

    And I think there is an actual Animal Crossing anime, which you can watch on youtube w/subs and/or watch dubbed versions which aren’t as bad as you’d think, considering they’re fan-based.

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