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Save Your Love

Renato Pagliari to be O Sole Missed by fans of classic (and cheesy) TV adverts.

Most people would be happy to be remembered for just one thing, but Renato Pagliari, who died yesterday aged 68, has two massive cultural hits under his belt. If you don’t recognise the name, perhaps you’ll recognise his number one song save Your Love, as the Renato of  Renee and Renato?


But his finest moment, and one that has passed into legend, is his spell advertising ice cream for Walls. Specifically the Cornetto’s adaption of O Sole Mio.


The song, used by Walls for over ten year of Cornetto adverts is so well known that on my last trip to Las Vegas and the fake gondolas in the Venetian, I overheard one Gondolier say to a British couple “I know what you want…” and started singing Just One Cornetto.

Rest in peace, Pagliari, but we suspect that you might need to sing it once or twice to get through the pearly gates!

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  1. renato was a great singer and made lots of great recordings on his own as well as the save your love for me hit that he will be best remembered for,

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