Off To The States? Grab A Bargain 60p Coldplay Ticket | The Daily Dust delivering the best bric a brac, daily news and events with a British flavour

In the USA, Coldplay tickets are selling for as little as 60p.

The band are coming to the end of a 39-date run of shows in America that kicked off in May.

Stubhub (part of Ebay) has revealed to the Sun that punters are off-loading spare tickets for just a dollar – or 60p. They also claim sales from gigs by Paul McCartney and U2 are less than expected.

Between 10 and 20 per cent of tickets are sold on secondary market websites.

Coldplay hit the UK next month for stadium gigs in Manchester, Glasgow and London.

So this is good news for us Brits going on holiday to the USA, make sure you grab a bargain as those tickets will be massively expensive over here.

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