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Impression show promises the world, but fails to deliver.

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There is an incredibly good show somewhere inside Anil Desai, unfortunately Stand Up Chameleon is not it. Promising 52 different impressions in 52 minutes, thanks to a mix of the skills of Desai and improvisation games “a bit like Who’s Line Is It Anyway” it looks a great early evening show.

Desai fails to deliver on the style of the show. Maybe it was the heat in the room, but about thirty minutes into the show Desai dropped doing the improvisation games and simply asked for the names of celebrities that he could do (the names handily shuffled into a deck of cards) for an audience member to call up.

Even before then he was struggling – when you ask for a “last line” to finish a sketch on, you can’t ask the audience for more lines because you didn’t like the first one. A more aggressive audience at this point could have heckled Desai off the stage, but Fringe audiences, while forgiving, have a habit of not forgetting.

If Desai woks on his timing and personal discipline on the show structure then this show could work. At the moment though it’s nothing more than a nice idea.

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Anil Desia – Stand Up Chameleon
Gilded Balloon, 8.45pm
More info and book tickets online.

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