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The tacky orange of easyJet isn’t normally something that would be associated with our Jag driving, expenses claiming politicians.

But, as Lord Mandelson sat tapping at his Blackberry surrounded by screaming children and flustered parents in an airport terminal in Corfu, it became evident that the temporary PM had sensationally opted for a flight with the famous budget airline.

He was dressed aptly for the unceremonious occasion, however, sporting a fetching pair of blue suede loafers and an open-necked shirt.

The First Secretary of State had been staying at the Rothschild family villa situated in an affluent area of the Greek island popular with wealthy British holiday-makers.

Unfortunately for Mandy, the wealth of top-class facilities on offer at the billionnaire-infested villa was not replicated by easyJet for air travel.

However, Mandelson had managed to find something that would set him apart from the crowd, if his embarrasing dress-sense hadn’t already, and that was his taking advantage of the ‘speedy boarding’ service.

Speedy boarding did its best to advocate his usual feeling of self-importance, but it is how well he does at running the country while Gordon Brown is away on holiday that will determine whether he should be proud of himself.

He ran Britain on his mobile in Corfu before jetting back to take over Harriet Harman’s brief tenure as caretaker PM; she went to Spain to enjoy an equally extravagant vacation, but people will be wondering why Downing Street was left empty for 72 hours before Mandelson re-took the reigns.

But at least, thanks to easyJet, he got back to his adoring fans safely.

Hat-tip to The Telegraph

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