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Wuthering Vamprie heights

Catherine’s a Twilight victim as Bronte sales rocket.

Who says the classics are dead? Sales of the classic Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte have doubled over the summer, and Waterstone;s reckon they know why.


The third novel in Stephenie’ Meyer’s series, Eclipse, references Heathcliff on many occasions, comparing the lead vampire to the famed lover throughout the text. And that’s enough to send Twilight fans back to the book stores when they’re finished with the new adventures of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan.

Publishers Harper Collins have been quick to react, by getting Bronte to write in some vampires by reworking the cover to be more gothic looking and mirror the look of the Twilight novels. And now for the first time, Withering heights has topped their Classic Books Chart for four months with little sign of slipping.

Waterstone;s classics buyer, Simon Robertson said: "I don’t think a vampire’s recommendation has ever sent a book to number one before."

More bite at The Telegraph.

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