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A burglar who broke into a school in Gateshead, may have left his dog behind according to police who are hoping they can use the pet to trace its owner.

Officers found the small Jack Russell at the infants school in Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Bobby, the name given to the dog by police, is being cared for by Northumbria Police.

They hope that someone may recognise the dog and they can then ‘sniff out’ it’s owner.

The dog is thought to have been left when the burglar fled empty-handed, perhaps alerted by an alarm going off.

Inspector Peter Storey told the Telegraph: ”We are hoping that somebody might recognise the dog and help us to identify its owner.

”The animal was found at the school and so may have belonged to the thief.

”Although there is no name on his collar, the officers who found him have called him Bobby.”

Hat-tip to the Telegraph.

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