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Alan Partridge Raw

Fans travel from around the world to visit Alan Partridge’s inspiration.

Radio DJ Wally Webb is allegedly the inspiration for Steve Coogan’s hit comedy character Alan Partridge.

The BBC Radio Norfolk DJ will feel even more privileged this week after fans from as far away as Australia and Thailand flew in to meet him.

The 26 devotees will have five days of ‘knowing me knowing you’ sessions in which they will discover all about Mr Webb.

DJ Webb said: “It is humbling to think you’re just broadcasting on a local radio station and it’s picked up online worldwide and all these people have come here because of it – it’s unbelievable.”

Not only do Mr Webb and Mr Partridge (Coogan) both work on early morning Norfolk radio but Mr Webb also admits to being fond of knitwear.

It is unknown whether Mr Webb lives in a hotel and has an assistant named Lynn though, but I’d like to think so.

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