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A Lego Iggy Pop

Who needs The Beatles when you have bricks?

Fresh from the success of exploiting The Beatles franchise, the makers of Rock Band have set their sights on the younger market, with Lego Rock Band.

Playing exactly like every other version of Rock Band, you’ll pick up your instruments and hit the notes, beats and vocals and pretend to be a real musician, all the while seeing your actions mirrored on your TV screen – except rather than perfect cgi representations you’ll now have Iggy and others in the classic Lego minifig look.

Joining him in the Nov 30 release will also be Elton John, Ray Parker jr, Europe and Queen.

So maybe it’s not the younger market, but the young at heart that they’re appealing to,e specially as Iggy will be popping up during the gameplay to teach you the intricacies of being a family-friendly Rock Star!

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