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Fabulous Radio 1 stalwarts set to launch radio station for the older listener.

Given that Radio 2 is the new Radio 1, and Radio 1 is, well, modern, what is the Disc Jockey who was big in the past meant to do?

Legend has it that Smashy and Nicey finished their days at “Radio Quiet.” Now it seems that a collection of Radio DJ’s from the 60’s are set to make that a reality with the launch of One Gold. Who’s involved? Let’s find out:

Mike Read

Stalwart of the Radio 1 Roadshow, famously refused on-air to play Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s Relax after reading the lyrics, and first celbe vvoted out of “I’m a Celebrity…” in 2004.

Adrian John

Last spotted on the overnight shows on Talksport UK, and the Capital Gold Kent breakfast show. The only DJ here not to have a page on Wikipedia.

Paul Burnet

Appeared on Top of the Pops singing Convoy GB with Dave Lee Travis, and discovered previously lost recordings of Lord Haw Haw while on Radio Luxembourg.

Pete Murray

First DJ to drop the F-bomb on air when his techie played the wrong record and the oldest DJ (84) in the launch lineup. Is a lifelong teetotaller.

Ed Stewart

Known at Stupot, used to be the host of Crackerjack before it went downhill, last heard on BBC radio on Christmas day last year presenting “Junior Choice” for the children who never grew up that wanted to hear Bernard Cribbens again.

David Hamilton

Mr Diddy has racked up over 10,000 radio shows in his career, has featured in the opening credits of Monty Python’s Flying Circus, and quit Radio 2 in 1986 as the music poilicy had become geriatric.

Hmm… this could be interesting…

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