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Video-channel bothering rockers take our positive quiz.

Genuinely interested in what we stand for here on The Daily Dust, Madina Lake’s bassist Matthew Leone was more than happy to chat to On Stage.

Best news you’ve had today?

The first thing I read this morning was about how Metallica gave a backstage pass to an 85-year-old grandma fan of theirs, and it just made her entire life.  I thought that was cool to hear about someone having the best day of their life when they’re 85 years old!

Best thing about touring the UK?

The sheer, uninhibited passion that the audience has, their open-mindedness and their willingness to connect with what we’re doing. They leave their egos at the door, there’s no pretext or pretentiousness to the audience at all out here, they’re just very open-minded, enthusiastic and willing to enjoy themselves.

Best thing about being in Madina Lake?

I have to say the obvious, in that we get to travel and play music. We’re fortunate that we signed with Roadrunner Records and we’ve had success in foreign countries, so we’ve got to go to Japan, Australia and Europe. Just spending time travelling and experiencing all these new cultures is just our favourite thing to do, and a lot of bands we play with back home never even get to leave the country.

Best song your band has written?

Good one, er, you got me there! Maybe Friends and Lovers from the Attics to Eden album.

Best line you’ve ever written?

Live like you’re dying.

Best thing about your fellow band members?

Dan, the drummer, he and I connect on a philosophical level. He sees the world through a different perspective so it’s great to talk with about the different things we see in this world because he’s intelligent, open-minded and non-judgmental, so we can have very fluid conversations about interesting topics. Mateo, guitarist, has a great musical ability – the way he hears tones, the way he hears harmony, the sequences that he writes and the music that he writes are just really powerful to me. And Nathan, the singer and my brother, I probably couldn’t even narrow that down to one thing. I’m just very grateful to have a passenger with me throughout my entire life.

Best gig you’ve ever played?

Probably the Birmingham show of our headlining UK tour a year and a half ago. It started out in the small room, but then it started selling quickly so they moved it up to the big room and we wound up selling that one out, and that was probably the most exciting show we’ve ever done.

Best band you’ve ever shared a stage with?

Probably Deftones.

Best gig you’ve ever seen as a fan?

Flaming Lips at the Metro in Chicago for New Year’s Eve.

Best band ever?

Artistically speaking, Tom Waits is my favourite artist. Music wise, I think I’ve been most touched by Smashing Pumpkins.

Best album ever?

Probably one of the Beatles’ records, just trying to think of which one…Sgt. Pepper.

Best song ever?

Oh my god…I’m gonna need a minute! I wish I had my iPod on me! Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap.

Best bassist ever?

Les Claypool.

Best movie ever?


Best ice cream flavour?

Cookie dough.

Best pizza topping?

Well I’ve stopped eating meat now, but I’d have to say Canadian bacon!

Best day of your life?

There was a day over the summer of 2007 when we were on Project Revolution with My Chemical Romance and Linkin Park, and we found out that day that we’d won the Kerrang! Award for best international newcomer, so that was a real stand-out day for sure. Everything was going right at that time and that’s a tough thing to say in this business. Another one would be during Warped Tour. That tour was really stressful, and I kind of struggled with that one just being on that tour and around all those bands and the same people was really difficult. But we had a day off and we went cliff diving in California and it was just the exact opposite atmosphere and environment of what we had been submerged in for two months – we were just out in nature, diving off these cliffs and you could drink the water it was so pure and clean, and that day was a real highlight.

Best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Other people see you how you see yourself.

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Matthew Leone photographed exclusively for On Stage.

Photography: Dave Musson Photography


  1. Great interview. ‘Hide & Seek’ is classic :]

  2. He is the coolest kid ever.
    God, I love Madina Lake

  3. I quite enjoy the best line written “live like you’re dying” thinking that needs to be tattooed on my someplace

  4. Madina Lake is one of my favorite bands and it’s nice to get a little personal with one of the members, even if it’s just reading an interview. It gives a great insight to the band, and I’m impressed. It only makes me love them even more.

  5. i love madina lake :]
    they are all such great guys
    they all seem so nice and laid back

    and they are extremely talented!

  6. I’d like to comment how I love the thing about Metallica giving the pass to the 85-year-old! That’s really cool, especially that they accept diverse fans like that and that they were so set on making one individual happy.

    By the way, I’m going to start using that advice. “Other people see you how you see yourself.” Now that I think about it, it’s a really good standard to go by, and you must view yourself in a very positive way because so many people look up to you, Matthew; you’ve really succeeded in connecting with the fans. I never care about what people think of me anyway, but after hearing this piece of advice, I think I’ll start looking on my greater sides and then I’d be a lot more respected by people.

    Thank you Matthew!

  7. I just think that Matthew is such a kind person, but they all are.
    I love this interview. I’m in love with Friends and Lovers from AtE, and they have so much deserve that Kerrang! Award.

  8. ‘Live like you’re dying’ is such a powerful line. Matthew is a really nice person, like the other guys in Madina Lake. Love them, and I’m waiting for an opportunity to see them live in my own country <3 (which is Brazil hahaha)

  9. Friends and lovers is such and amazing song. And I totally agree about the best line they’ve ever written. I quoted now or never in my high school yearbook senior year. Madina Lake is my favorite band, and it’s so great to read stuff like this to get to know a little bit more about them.

    Thanks! :)

  10. Great article! We don’t see much on Madina Lake unless your really looking for it in the US. Love them even MORE!

  11. I cannot wait till February till they are back in the UK :)
    I’m dead excited for my 18th in a couple of weeks, so I can get my first tattoo – ‘Live like you’re dying’ :)
    ‘Friends and Lovers’ is an amazing amazing song! I absolutly love it, and the words are so powerful.
    Can’t wait to see & meet the boys again :) xx

  12. I love Madina Lake, they are deffinatly my favorite band[:

  13. Friends and Lovers is amazing… is Now or Never. I’m getting a quote from NON tattooed on my neck. Matthew’s fun to talk to. Can’t wait till they come back to New England!

  14. Wow, First Of All, Gorgoeus Picture Of Matthew – Dave Musson (Y) You-The-Man.
    Matt Is Such A Nice Guy. When I’m 85 Backstage Pass To See These Guys Would Make My Entire Life! Actually Just Them Still Producing Music Would Make My Entire Life. Their Lyrics Help Me Get Through All Sorts Of Things.
    Err Cookie Dough? I Prefer Chocolate Fudge Brownie … Mmm. Yum.
    Wow That Does Sound Like An Amazing Day!
    Sooo Want To See Them Soonish :D


  15. I agree, cookie dough ice cream is the best! Great interview

  16. This was a nice interview to read, I really love the postive vibe it had going on throughout. There’s too much negativity in the world. The first question, followed by his bandmates questions were my favorites.

  17. Awh! I love Matthew! His interviews are always so amazing to read/listen/watch!

  18. God, I LOVE Madina Lake x]

  19. Oh, wow. So I read this earlier and I came back to comment, and I’ll be damned if I hadn’t heard of Tom Waits before one of my English teachers recommended him – I read about him here, on Matthew’s interview. That’s creepyyyy.

  20. Dude, that last line hit me like a ton of bricks. you know when you read something and it hits you so hard you start tingling? that’s so what the last line did to me. lol

    “other people see you how you see yourself.”

  21. Great interview! Sky diving sounds amazing!! When I see you guys at Metro I’ve got a big surprise for you!! And it has to do with “Friends and Lovers” :-)

  22. Live like you’re dying… from Now or Never, right? And where would we all be without Canadian bacon?

    Great interview (hate to repeat what everyone else is saying, but it really is).

  23. I love that photograph but it’s soooo obvious he’s in a hotel hallway. At least they get to stay in hotels :D

  24. “Live like you’re dying.” A live we should all strive to live by.
    Matthew Leone is practically the epitome of cool, he’s in a band that makes great music, he’s funny, down to earth, honest, intelligent, handsome…oh the list goes on and on!
    I can never read enough about Madina Lake, I loved this interview :)

  25. Matthew is so talented, and wicked good looking.
    If honestly could hang out with one band for an entire day it would deff, be Madina Lake. I was at a signing of theirs once, and they were wicked cool about everything.

  26. “Live like you’re dying.”
    very wise thought!!!

    Friends and lovers it’s one of my favorite song from them…

    Great interview!

  27. love it!!
    matthew is an amazing guy =)

  28. Madina Lake is such an amazing band. Their views and individual personalities are amazing which make for great music. :)

  29. wow, amazing interview. definitely some interesting questions in there. That line and those lines surrounding it in Now Or Never are pretty much my favourite too. That Metallica thing is pretty awesome tbh :D D

  30. Madina Lake is amazing!
    The whole interview was really good with questions that really had to be thought about. I thought Matthew’s answer’s were funny at times and also thought provoking.
    The last line really got me. It really made an impact, “Other people see you how you see yourself.” I wish I believed that.

  31. I loved this interview. :D It was awesome.

  32. “Other people see you how you see yourself.”

    Hours of my thoughts condensed into one sentence. Way to go Matthew.

    Madina Lake = my idols.

  33. Absolutely loved this :D . And I absolutely love Madina Lake. Friends and Lovers is one of my favorite songs =].

  34. love the interview :D

  35. I think you are amazing at what you do and I feel you have all the right moves. Keep rocking out man and thanks for supporting little bands starting like mine. Peace remember Las Cruces New Mexico cause we sure remember you.

  36. Good interview!!!! MadinaLake are the Best

  37. I love this interview. God I love Matthew, He speaks with such wisdom and sincerity, despite the fact that he can be the biggest dork in the world sometimes. He and the band, are utterly amazing, just reading what he has said makes my day. Madina Lake are my absolute Idols, and I cannot imagine a life without them, It would not surely be non-existent without those 4 like-minded beautiful people.

  38. Madina Lake ROCKS!!!!Sweet interveiw!!

  39. oh jesus, my mouth was like :O cause i love hide and seek by imogen heap! :D Matthew is amazing, Madina Lake is amazing, I love it all :D <333

  40. Wow, this is a great interview! always good to hear from Matthew!
    Friends and Lovers is such an inspiring song, one of my favorites, and I agree, Now or Never definitely has some great lyrics!!

  41. ‘Other people see you how you see yourself.’ awesome :]

  42. “Live like you’re dying.” < I agree, such a good lyric. Nice interview Matthew. I <3 ML!

  43. Cookie Dough is the best ice cream flavor =D and oh i <3 Hide and Seek so much. Nice bests matthew very nice

  44. I have to agree with him on the Smashing Pumpkins being amazing. They’re such a good band.
    This was a great interview :]


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