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Robbie Williams has revealed his stage comeback on Sunday night’s X Factor show did not go to plan as well as he hoped.

The former Take That star stated on his blog how a sliding door used for a grand stage entrance failed to work during the performance of his new and comeback single ‘Bodies’.

Instead of creating a pose in front of the cameras, Williams had to force the door open himself which he confesses added to his nerves on stage.

It was Williams’ first appearance on a British stage for three years.

On his blog Williams said: “I wasn’t as nervous as I thought I was going to be…until the frigging sliding door wouldn’t open.

“I don’t know if you saw but I had to wedge it open myself. That wasn’t part of the show that was pure brute strength.

“Now I don’t know if you’ve ever had 10 million plus ready to judge you on your first performance back in three years, but let me tell you, if the door between you and them isn’t opening that’s enough to throw you right off your stride.

“So there’s a bad start. I had a whole pose planned and what not not. But that went out of the window.”

Williams also revealed how the bad start made him worry about remembering his words.

The singer added: “Then the mouth opened and by the grace of the big man himself the right words fell out.”

Williams’ performance on Sunday night has drawn different reactions from the British media and his fans.

The Daily Mirror labelled his new single ‘forgettable’ and suggested ‘he didn’t look like the superstar he used to be’.

However some fans have said he did well considering his state of affairs in recent times and how he was ‘overwhelmed and amazed at how the crowd reacted to him’.

Robbie Williams – The X Factor

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